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Pet Food Supplier Achieves 9% Lift in Stores with Low Category Development


A national pet food supplier wanted to increase sales while also strengthening its relationship with the retailer.


Valassis Digital optimized ad delivery based on inventory and sales volume, resulting in an increase in pet food sales both at the retailer and overall.

How can suppliers increase sales while also strengthening relationships with retail partners? The most effective way is to use advertising that adapts to in-store sales data to strengthen the conversation between suppliers and retailers.

When a pet food supplier launched an offer specific to one of its big-box retail partners, it turned to Valassis Digital to help supercharge the promotion. During the campaign, Valassis Digital measured sales volume to refine the marketing strategy.


Campaign Goals

  • Lift sales of the supplier’s pet food
  • Increase category sales for the retail partner
  • Support the supplier’s promotional event at retail partner stores

As a result of Valassis Digital’s approach, the supplier was able to:

  • Pinpoint High-Opportunity Stores — We used store-level sales data to capitalize on the biggest opportunities in real time. Our analysis revealed that stores scoring low for both brand and category development performed best, generating 9% increase in average daily sales per store. From there, we focused our digital ads on areas near these stores to further increase sales momentum.
  • Increase Category Sales for the Retailer — The campaign encouraged consumers to switch from their normal shopping routine and purchase their pet food at the big-box retailer. This helped the retailer grow sales at stores that underperformed in the pet food category. And this extra in-store traffic meant more consumers picking up items from other categories as well.


  • Sustain Sales Post-campaign — We continued to track sales volume after the campaign ended, and the supplier sustained 4% lift at the same retailer. This demonstrated that the digital ads remained effective even after the campaign’s conclusion.

Ultimately, the pet food supplier boosted its bottom line by generating a measureable in-store sales increase. But equally important, the supplier drove new customers to its retail partner’s locations and helped grow the pet food category at individual stores. When suppliers connect store-level sales data with their digital advertising, they can respond to opportunities that benefit both them and their retail partners.


Consumer Profile

  • Women aged 25­–54
  • Household income between $40,000 and $80,000
  • History of purchasing competitors’ pet food
  • Located within a dynamically optimized radius of high-opportunity stores



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