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Valassis Digital Foot Traffic Impact Study Measures 21% Increase in Dealership Visits


A car brand wanted to assess the impact on dealership visits driven by certified pre-owned programs.


Valassis Digital’s rigorous test and control methodology was used to measure visitation to understand how ads affected consumer traffic to the dealership.

As certified pre-own programs struggle to compete with new auto sales, the ability to leverage the best marketing technology continues to be a major factor in brand success. Targeting consumers who are in-market for a certified pre-owned vehicle can improve reach, increase foot traffic and subsequently increase sales.

Campaign Goals

  • Drive visitors interested in certified pre-owned vehicles to brand dealerships
  • Understand highest responding audience profile
  • Identify in-market purchase indicators

When a car brand wanted to understand how certified pre-owned programs impacted dealership visits, they turned to MaxPoint to measure how real-world visitors responded to digital ads that featured certified pre-owned messaging.


Consumer Profile

Exposed visitors to the brands dealership were:
  • Highly educated
  • Young adults
  • Living in urban areas
Interested in:
  • Business and Finance
  • Art and Culture
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Eco-friendly Living

As a result of MaxPoint’s approach the customer was able to:

  • Increase Visits – Brand dealerships saw a 21% increase in visits as a result of MaxPoint’s precise targeting capability.
  • Get a full picture of who visited dealerships – MaxPoint provided comprehensive audience insights including, demographics, interests, purchase intent, as well as other places visited on the day of their visit.
  • Understand where visitors are coming from – 62% of visitors who saw ads and drove to dealerships lived within 5 miles of targeted locations.


Now that the customer understood where their target audiences were, where they spent their time, and what they cared about, the brand was able to refine their marketing strategy to realize greater returns on future campaigns.



Start measuring how your advertising drives sales at the register


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