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TV Impact Study

Measure how well your national TV advertising drives consumers into the store

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Better allocate TV support using a full picture of how well your ads drove consumers to the store

Accurately measure the effect TV advertising has on in-store visitation.
Improve return on marketing spend with detailed insight into the audiences that responded to your ads by going to the store.
Understand how your TV advertising performs with a rigorous assessment of what drives visitation lift.


Beyond Ratings
Get comprehensive audience insights made possible through our partnership with an industry-leading viewership provider.
No Panel Limitations
Understand how any household with a cable box, not just those in a panel, responds to your TV advertising.
Granular Measurement
See how audiences engage with TV ads down to the household level.
Timely Results
Receive results just four weeks after your campaign concludes.
View Visitation Over Time
View Visitation Over Time

How It Works

We use rigorous selection criteria for test and control groups to yield accurate results

1 Set up test and control groups
Test and control groups are carefully selected and matched based on demographics, geography, device activity, and purchase intent.
2 Connect ad views with store visits
We use our cross-device technology to identify consumers who see TV ads at home and later visit the store.
3 Measure incremental response
Those who viewed the TV ad and then visited the store above the baseline expected visits, or incremental visitors, are measured.

Start measuring how your TV advertising drives visits to the store.




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