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Trade Impact Study

Measure how your in-store promotions affect sales with deep insight into store-level performance drivers

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Optimize trade spend by measuring promotion-driven customer purchases

Make smarter decisions about your trade spend allocation using a detailed picture of which promotions sell more product.
Discover the why behind your trade performance, including insight into promotion timing by store.
Use store-level analyses and ideal mix reporting to plan your next trade program.


Sales Lift by Promotion
Align your point-of-sale data with promotion type using a detailed picture of audience response.
Ideal Store Formula
Know what mix of consumer interests, spend activity, and demographics lead to high performing trade stores.
Detailed Reporting
Track metrics including top-line sales per store by product, sales lift performance for featured items, brand halo effect, and incremental sales.
Seamless Start
We make it easy to start and complete a trade impact study, bringing you results within three weeks.
Promotion Lift by Region and Store Type
Promotion Lift by Region and Store Type

How It Works

We use rigorous selection criteria for test and control stores to yield accurate results

1 Set up test and control stores
Test and control stores are carefully selected and matched based on audience, geography, distribution, and current promotional activity.
2 Normalize data
Store sales data is normalized to eliminate historical and daily fluctuations.
3 Measure response
Our proprietary blend of store-level intelligence reveals your ideal promotion mix by region.

Audience, store, and product insights, analysis, and recommendations



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