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Store Selector

Improve your planning with store lists built from an advanced blend of brand, product, and consumer activity

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Focus on the markets that are ready to buy your products

Don't waste dollars on stores where your products will sit on the shelf. Realize greater ROI by focusing support on stores primed to sell.
Spend more efficiently by targeting the right stores at the beginning of your programs.
Receive reporting within two weeks—in time to plan your promotion and media programs.


Comprehensive Audience Analysis
Analyze past purchase behavior, brand and category spend, and audience insights on surrounding consumers.
Custom Lists
Identify stores selected specifically for your program goals, such as promoting a new product launch, driving promotion results, supporting a trade program, and more.
Competitive Intelligence
Focus selection on areas that are ideal for increased support and where your competitors are growing.
Rank of ideal stores for your company's initiative
Rank of ideal stores for your company's initiative

How It Works

MaxPoint selects ideal stores to drive sales for your marketing program goals

1 Custom recommendations
Using store-level past purchase information, audience interests, and real-world consumer activity, our technology considers multiple layers of data to produce recommendations.
2 Store performance intelligence
We provide a list of ideal stores to achieve your objectives by utilizing historical purchase behaviors and immediate indicators of purchase intent to determine the best locations to focus marketing support.

Start increasing product sales by focusing your support on the right stores


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