Foot Traffic Impact Study

Measure how well your media increases real-world visits with unique insight into offline consumer activity

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Our Foot Traffic Impact Study helps you make smarter business decisions with a detailed picture of what drives consumers into stores

View mid-campaign profiles of those who visit in response to your advertising and optimize toward these individuals.
Confidently target consumers you want to attract to your locations as well as those most responsive to digital advertising, even when those groups are not the same.
Deliver persuasive messaging using visitor insights, including purchase intent, same-day competitor visitation, and more.


Detailed Reporting
Receive detailed reporting, including the number of incremental visits to targeted stores, distance from home to store, same day competitor visits, and more.
Audience Insights
Get audience insights such as in-market purchase indicators as well as credit and debit card spending behavior.
Measured Impact
Measure the impact of display, tablet, and mobile advertising on store visitation. Our proprietary cross-device technology connects device actions to bring you the full picture of response.
High Degree of Certainty
Benefit from a rigorous approach that combines multiple technologies and data layers to achieve a high degree of certainty.
Sample Report: Visitors Exposed to Advertising
Sample Report: Visitors Exposed to Advertising

How It Works

Our Foot Traffic Impact Study precisely matches test and control groups based on real-world visits

1 Create test groups
We first establish a test group of ad-exposed individuals, or those who receive an ad on any of their devices (desktop or mobile).
2 Select matched control group
We select a closely matched control group from the advertised markets, applying stringent criteria that includes geography, demographics, and device activity.
3 Connect mobile devices with visits
Our cross-device technology connects desktop ad viewers with the mobile devices that visit in-store.
4 Measure incremental visitors
We then measure incremental visitors, or those who viewed an ad and visited the store above the baseline of expected visits.

Start measuring how well your media increases real-world visits today


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