Audience Data

Segments that perform, uniquely drawn from real-world location and purchase intent activity across one billion mobile and desktop devices

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Valassis Digital's Audience Data improve your media performance

  • Drive greater ROI with cost-effective audiences
  • Increase sales and engagement by targeting consumers actively interested in your brand
  • Use location and retail purchase patterns to find your ideal buyers

Consumer Packaged Goods

28% boost in product spend

Valassis Digital assisted a leading cereal brand with a product launch at grocery retailers. We targeted segments around stores where consumers were interested in competing cereals and shared similar demographics.


21% improved cost per action

An auto brand worked with Valassis Digital to promote an eco-friendly car. Valassis Digital’s Audience Data combined dealership locations with consumer age, income, and interest in green living.


32% increase in foot traffic

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer used Valassis Digital’s Audience Data to reach consumers who are known OTC buyers living near one of three retailers.


Valassis Digital's Audience Data include:

Real-world location, interest, and purchase intent – fed by one billion devices

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Home and places visited

transportation 7


Home and places visited

purchase intent


Home and places visited



Home and places visited

shopping 9 Created with Sketch.


Home and places visited

users 32

Campaign Insights*

Home and places visited



Home and places visited

*Valassis Digital proprietary data


How It Works

Our audiences are built from:

1 500 online, real-time purchase intent segments
2 200 location activity and retail preference segments built with online and offline data
3 Both mobile and desktop devices
4 1 billion unique devices across the US and Canada

Get a Closer Look

Get a closer look at Valassis Digital audiences

Choose custom-built audiences

Build personalized audiences based on your known consumers and Valassis Digital's powerful cross-device intelligence. Support any campaign objective and reach a highly specific audience by leveraging your past campaign performance and audience insights, your brand terms or keywords, and Valassis Digital's 10 years of location intelligence, purchase intent, demographics, and interest data.

Winning with Valassis Digital audiences

350+ ROI studies

350+ ROI studies per year inform every purchase-based segment

500K+ stores used

500,000+ stores observed to create audience visitation behavior

180M trips mapped

180 million real-world consumer trips mapped everyday

Your Best Audience

Your best audience of known product purchasers, with proven ROI and real-time purchase intent

Take a closer look at Valassis Digital audiences or contact us to learn more

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