Foot Traffic Hero
Foot Traffic Hero


Foot Traffic Impact

Measure how well your media increases real-world visits with unique insight into offline consumer activity

Make better business decisions with a detailed picture of what drives consumers into stores


Measure ad performance with reports on incremental visits, distance from home to the store, co-visitation, repeat-visitation, cost per incremental visit, and more.

Foot Traffic Study Example Metrics
Traffic Lift
Incremental Visits
Cost Per Incremental Visit


Get a holistic profile of ad-exposed visitors by learning their in-market indicators, interests, demographics, card spend, and more.


Adjust future campaign strategy based on profiles of those who visit in response to your advertising.


Valassis Digital's Foot Traffic Study measures the offline impact of print and digital advertising to reveal more of the "why" behind campaign success.

Non-Panel Measurement
Measure incremental visits with complete foot traffic activity and data observed from 3 billion location signals daily and 1.4 billion devices.
Comprehensive Insights
Get a more comprehensive picture of your visitors with insights from print and digital campaigns using a single source.
Location Accuracy
Industry-leading location accuracy identifies device location down to one meter.
Fully-Connected Platform
Increase performance and apply learnings for future campaigns with our platform that links targeting, optimization and measurement.

How it Works

Create Test Groups

We first establish a test group of individuals exposed to print and/or digital ads.

Select Matched Control Group

We select a closely matched control group from the advertised markets, applying stringent criteria that include geography, demographics, and device activity.

Connect Mobile Devices with Visits

Our cross-device technology connects ad viewers with the mobile devices that visit in-store.

Measure Incremental Visitors

We then measure those who viewed an ad and visited the store above the baseline of expected visits.

Case Study

Apparel Retailer Drives 11% Lift in Foot Traffic Using In-App Display to Promote Spring Holiday Campaign

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