Customer Catalyst Hero
Customer Catalyst Hero

Data Enrichment

Customer Catalyst

Captivate your customers using a vivid picture of their daily lives

Bring your customer addresses to life with relevant, actionable enrichment

Drive Personalization and Engagement

Precisely reach existing customers for better brand engagement, identify and target prospects for new product sales, and more.

Get more value from every list

Augment your CRM list with customer interests and behaviors including in-market choices, long-term interests, and retailer preferences.

Identify Your Best Prospects

Discover ideal customers for specific products, services and offers, and expand your reach into a larger group of in-market prospects.


Customer Catalyst enhances CRM lists with cross-device customer insights including in-market signals, long-term interests, and frequented locations so you can personalize engagement, identify targets for new product sales, and more.

Intent Signals
To drive greater cross-channel personalization
Interest Topics
In-market and long-term interest topics that inform us about customers’ online behavior
Devices Tracked
Highly accurate location-based enrichment
Updated Households
Continually updated households from the Valassis Consumer Graph

How it Works

Receive List

Send us your CRM list including physical addresses and/or email addresses.


We match your customers to their household devices through the Valassis Consumer Graph.

Add Enrichment

The Valassis Consumer Graph gives us a richer picture of your customers based on their online behavior and real-world activity. With this knowledge, we enrich the CRM data with your customer’s in-market, long-term interest, and visit likelihood scores.

Send Enrichment

Every week, we’ll send you an up-to-date, enriched CRM list that reveals a vivid picture of your customers’ daily lives – their purchase intent, interests over time, and retailer preferences. These rich insights will help you better personalize your marketing for more impactful customer engagement.

Case Study

Valassis Digital Brings 2x Value to an Insurance Company’s Prospect List

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precisely reach and engage your in-market prospects with Customer Catayst
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