Man with tablet in a kitchen with various interests radiating around him.
Man with tablet in a kitchen with various interests radiating around him.

Advertising & Promotion

Email Marketing

Deliver personalized content to attract new shoppers to your retailer or brand

Build awareness and convert prospects with a powerful communication channel

Reach Prospects Most Likely to Respond

Build an audience from real-world consumer behavior data to target the prospective shoppers most likely to engage with your campaign.

Man in grocery store who is marked as likely to buy organic

Woman doing yoga in a yoga studio, surrounded by various interests

Tailor a Personalized Message

Create and customize engaging, personalized content that aligns with your target audience for delivery across multiple devices.

Verify Email Deliverability

On-demand verification and data cleansing technologies ensure the highest level of targeted email marketing deliverability
and cleanliness.

Woman holding tablet with 1 inbox notification


Post campaign attribution tracks campaign success and advanced reporting matches
back conversions to homes that received targeted emails.


Email marketing centered around superior targeting and deliverability

Expansive Reach
Access to a high-quality, current database of 250MM consumer opt-in records and the ability to suppress your existing email database ensures you are truly reaching new prospects.
Exceptional Deliverabilty
Industry-leading data cleansing and email verification solutions confirm the validity, deliverability, and risk profile of the email addresses in real time.
Superior Targeting
At Valassis Digital, we build a consumer profile from real-world interest over-time, purchases, and in-market signals and deliver a relevant message across multiple devices.
Cross-Channel Integration
Efficient activation with Valassis print and digital campaigns. Increase digital engagement with consumers through coordinated Display, Email, and Dynamic Mobile campaigns.

Case Study

CPG Brand drives awareness of baby care products with 7MM targeted e-mails.

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