Case Study

Suncare Brand Achieved 21% Lift in Sales at Key National Retailer with a Multichannel Campaign

A leading CPG client turned to Valassis Digital to help them drive seasonal sales of their suncare products at a national retailer.
in incremental sales
incremental units moved at retailer
A suncare brand wanted to increase sales during a key seasonal time period at a specific grocery retailer.
We built a custom audience profile using demographics, interests, purchases, and store visits to target ideal consumers in markets with warm weather.
We delivered 23MM targeted impressions via Display and Dynamic Mobile to drive qualified traffic to a Digital Coupon on the retailer’s website.
The integrated campaign drove $170K in incremental sales and led to 25K incremental units moved at the advertised retailer.

Target Audience

  • Parents with children in the HH
  • Interest in outdoor activities and beach/lake vacations
  • Past purchasers and redeemers of suntan lotion coupons
  • In-market and researching luxury vehicles, used vehicles, and CPO deals
  • Store visitors of specific retailer
  • High-indexing neighborhoods for target audience around store locations

Campaign Approach

In order to reach the most receptive consumers, we customized an audience profile to find ideal consumers and the highest-indexing neighborhoods around the grocery store locations. Media was triggered by the weather and delivered when it was 65 degrees or greater in the markets surrounding the select store locations.

We delivered 9.1MM impressions of targeted Display ads with creative content that included product messaging, a retail logo, and a “get coupon” call to action to drive sales. We delivered 13.6MM impressions of Dynamic Mobile ads when the target audience was near store, highlighting similar messaging and additional call-to-action features such as visit site, get directions, and dynamic mapping to the nearest store. We hosted a $1.00 off and $2.00 off Clip2Card coupon on the retailer’s website throughout the campaign to drive conversion.

In addition to providing post-campaign performance results, we used third-party, store-level sales data to measure sales lift in test vs. control markets.

4.6x higher CTR than the industry average

Campaign Results

The integrated campaign engaged a receptive audience and drove qualified traffic to the retailer, achieving a 4.6x higher CTR and 1.7x higher redemption rate than the industry average. The cross-channel campaign drove a 21% lift in sales resulting in $170K in incremental sales and 25K in incremental units moved.


Our superior targeting capabilities and cross-channel campaign approach activated ideal consumers to drive strong sales of the suncare line at a key national retailer. To increase future campaign performance, we recommend including the coupon value in the advertising message to attract more buyers and increase activation.