Case Study

Personal Care Brand Used Email to Drive Strong Engagement for Brand Extension

A leading CPG client turned to Valassis Digital to help them highlight specific promotions throughout the year and drive awareness of a new baby care brand extension launch, ultimately driving overall sales.
Click-to-open Rate
Email Open Rate
A personal care brand wanted to increase awareness among a new, relevant audience with its baby care brand extension.
We targeted parents with children age 0-2 living within a seven-mile radius of a specified store list, while suppressing the brand’s existing customer list.
We delivered 7MM emails over four waves applying unique layouts and product set customization, subject line optimization, and audience versioning.
The engaging, personalized emails drove increased awareness resulting in an 8.1% open rate and a 6.3% click-to-open rate.

Target Audience

  • Consumers within a seven-mile radius of store locations
  • Moms with children 0-2 years old
  • Spanish and English speakers

Campaign Approach

In order to reach new consumers most likely to engage with the campaign, we targeted a relevant audience including women with children age 0-2 living within a 7-mile radius of a specified store list. In addition, by suppressing the client’s existing customer database, we ensured the client only reached new shoppers not already loyal to their brand.

The targeted acquisition email campaign delivered 7MM emails, deploying over four waves each featuring a unique layout and product set. To further personalize the emails for various audiences, Spanish and English language versions were created to engage multiple targeting segments. In addition, we used subject line testing to optimize engagement for each wave of the campaign. A clear “Shop Now” call-to-action in the email drove users to an online product purchase page. Each wave included a resend to openers within a week of deployment in order to retarget prospects who showed interest in the campaign.

Campaign Results

Through highly-personalized emails, we were able to drive strong engagement with new customers resulting in an 8.1% open rate and a 6.3% click-to-open rate. In addition, we provided detailed campaign reporting by wave, by device, and for Spanish and English language versions, with additional insights based on these results.



With our superior targeting capabilities and compelling creative content, the brand reached relevant prospects with an appealing and personalized message, driving increased awareness of their new baby care brand at a national retailer.