Case Study

National Appliance Retailer Achieved a 79% VCR with Pre-Roll Ads Targeted to Home Improvement Enthusiasts

A leading retail client turned to Valassis Digital to help them create awareness for their locally-owned chain within rural communities.
Impressions Served
People Watched the Whole Video
A national appliance retail chain wanted to build awareness in local communities and drive consumers to the store.
We built a custom audience profile of home improvement and electronics spenders and served Video ads in a dynamic radius around store locations.
We ran three rotating creatives with the focus on driving consumers to view the full video for maximum influence.
The campaign achieved a 9-point higher video completion rate (VCR) than industry average and audience insights validated top responders.

Target Audience

  • Adults 25-54
  • Homeowners
  • Past spenders at home improvement stores
  • Frequent purchasers of consumer electronics and appliances
  • Interest in outlet deals and appliance sales

Campaign Approach

Using the Valassis Consumer Graph™, we leveraged demo, interest and card spend data to create a unique audience that matched the retailer’s desired consumer profile. We set up a dynamic radius around each store location to capture attention from the most relevant consumers and neighborhoods.

We delivered over 7.3MM impressions of Pre-Roll Video ads with an even rotation of three different creative versions. The creative content focused on key brand messaging centered around trust in local ownership, providing the best deals and service, and offering the top 10 appliance brands. We measured the campaign with audience and performance insights to prove performance.

Campaign Results

The campaign engaged a receptive audience and achieved a strong VCR of 79%, which is 9 points above the industry benchmark.

Our audience insights report validated that the campaign activated the desired audience of rural homeowners, and it resonated across all age groups. Top responders were discount shoppers, which matched our target profile of users interested in outlet deals and sales.


This campaign successfully achieved the client goal of awareness as evidenced by the strong video completions. The responding audience over-indexed for homeowners living in rural areas, which was in line with the objectives of the retail chain. To achieve increasingly strong returns in the future, we recommend running Mobile and Display in conjunction with Video to increase exposure and traffic to stores as well as measuring in-store impact.