Case Study

Luxury Auto Brand used Display Ads to Drive 12% Lift in Visitor Traffic During Sales Event

A leading luxury auto brand turned to Valassis Digital to drive awareness for its CPO sales event and dealer inventory. We set up measurement to analyze traffic to dealer sites and stores.
Incremental Visits
Lift in Visitor Traffic
A luxury auto brand wanted to build awareness of its certified pre-owned (CPO) sales event and drive showroom traffic to its California dealers.
We built a custom audience profile based on demos, luxury interests, in-market behaviors, and auto ownership.
We ran dynamic Display ads that auto-populated the dealership name based on the proximity of the device to the dealership location.
The campaign achieved a 12% lift in showroom traffic, resulting in 3K incremental visits during the sales event time period.

Target Audience

  • Home goods shoppers
  • Hispanic shoppers
  • Interested in business and investing as well as luxury, high-end apparel, travel, and real estate
  • In-market and researching luxury vehicles, used vehicles, and CPO deals
  • Own specific cross-shopped brands that are 3-7 years old

Campaign Approach

Using the Valassis Consumer Graph™, we leveraged demo, interest, in-market, and auto ownership data to create a unique audience that matched the luxury brand’s desired consumer profile. We reached the most relevant consumers with dynamic creative that auto-populated the nearest dealership name and drove traffic to its CPO inventory page.

We delivered over 32MM impressions of Display ads in three California markets to generate interest in the CPO sales event and inventory for over 35 dealer locations. We measured the campaign using a foot traffic impact study and included audience and performance insights.

The Display campaign engaged a receptive audience leading to strong results:
CTR to inventory pages
Lift in foot traffic
incremental visits
cost per incremental visit

Campaign Results

Based off our foot traffic study, we found that nearly 60% of visitors exposed to the ads traveled over five miles to shop during the CPO event. These exposed visitors also cross-shopped other high-end auto dealerships, which validated they were in-market buyers. Top responders tended to be wealthier Caucasian and Asian empty-nesters who were interested in eco-friendly living. Also given the types of cars they previously owned, they were likely trading in larger family vehicles for a CPO luxury vehicles.


This campaign successfully achieved the client goal of activating a relevant audience and driving store traffic. To achieve increasingly strong results in the future, we recommend targeting additional segments, such as new movers and big box retail shoppers, to generate even more conversions.