Case Study

Food Brand Used Display Ads to Drive 8% Lift in Sales at a National Grocery Retailer

A leading CPG client partnered with Valassis Digital to advertise a new flavor of baked beans prior to the summer grilling season at a national grocery retailer.
Return on Investment Funding
In Incremental Sales
A center-of-the-store brand wanted to promote a line extension of a new flavor and increase sales prior to the competitive summer picnic season.
We built a custom audience profile using relevant interest and purchase data for summer grilling to target ideal consumers.
We delivered Display and Mobile ads to drive qualified traffic to local grocery stores and the brand’s recipe site.
The campaign triggered strong weekly sales performances with 12% - 17% lifts in the initial weeks, ultimately driving $118K in incremental sales.

Target Audience

  • Past purchasers of fresh and packaged meats as well as purchasers of BBQ sauces
  • Interest in outdoor activities such as grilling
  • Store visitors of a specific grocery retailer

Campaign Approach

Using Valassis Digital’s proprietary interest data, sales history of the client’s brand, and syndicated sales data for related protein categories, we identified and built an audience of ideal consumers and found the highest-indexing neighborhoods around the grocery store locations.

We delivered 30MM impressions across desktop and mobile inventory with creative content that included product messaging, a large product image, and links to the brand’s web page where audiences could find grilling recipes for the featured product and related center-of-the plate meat entrees.

Following launch, we used weekly store-level sales data throughout the campaign for performance tracking and sales-based optimization of media. We set up a Sales Impact Study with test and control stores to measure sales lift.

Campaign Results

In the initial weeks, the campaign realized a 12-17% sales lift. The best performing segment over the course of the campaign was the grocery retailer’s prior high-selling stores, which demonstrated 11% sales lift. Medium and lower-selling stores saw single-digit increases.

A neighborhood profile of high sales lift stores identified top responders as younger adult households, households with children, past purchasers of the featured or a competing brand, and consumers who buy related meats and sauces for outdoor grilling.

Since the creative was not retail-specific, we measured the sales impact across the remaining retail outlets as well, which revealed an additional $136K in incremental sales. This led the campaign to achieve a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of $2.50 for every $1 spent on advertising.


The brand used a combination of interest and purchase data to activate optimal consumers to purchase, garnering strong sales performance at a key national grocery retailer. To increase future campaign performance, we recommend focusing the advertising on high- and medium-selling stores to improve overall sales performance and return, as these segments had both strong lift and higher sales volume.