Case Study

Detergent Brand Drove a 29% Higher Redemption Rate than Average Using Digital Coupons and Display

A leading CPG client turned to Valassis Digital to help them highlight a laundry care brand promotion and drive sales of their product at a major retailer.
Redemption Rate
Higher Downloads Than Average Per Week
A laundry detergent brand wanted to increase awareness of a promotional coupon and drive sales at a major grocery retailer.
We targeted moms who have the highest likelihood of shopping at the retailer to download a Clip2Card (C2C) coupon on the retailer site.
Through our superior targeting, we delivered Display ads to loyal shoppers on contextually relevant sites to boost C2C activation.
The coordinated Display and C2C campaign resulted in a strong 9% redemption rate with 140% higher downloads than average per week.

Target Audience

  • Women with children in the household
  • High store visitation score for specific retailer
  • Contextually relevant sites: Grocery/Family/Shopping/Deals

Campaign Approach

In order to reach responsive shoppers with the campaign, we targeted moms as well as other consumers who were most likely to visit the retailer based on past real-world visitation, household proximity to the retailer, and our proprietary predictive modeling. We rounded out the targeting approach by placing the Display ads on contextually relevant sites to ensure the highest level of engagement with the campaign.

The Display ads directed shoppers to a high value coupon on the C2C section of the retailer’s website and mobile app. This coordinated approach allowed us to drive awareness and activation with shoppers most likely to redeem the coupon, ultimately driving sales for the laundry detergent product during the key promotional period.

Exceptional 9% coupon redemption rate was 29% above retailer category average

Campaign Results

The Display campaign drove qualified traffic to the C2C coupon on the store site with a 0.09% CTR. In addition, the Display Ad boosted coupon activations, driving 140% greater coupon downloads than average each week and a 29% higher than average redemption rate.



This campaign successfully leveraged a targeted, cross-channel strategy to achieve the client’s goals of driving awareness and activation during a key promotional period. As a result of the campaign, the client was able to better understand who their target audience was, where they spent their time, and what they cared about to refine their marketing strategy for future campaigns.